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Face to face fundraising

Why do I see CBM South Africa staff fundraising at the shopping centres?
Face-to-face fundraising is a safe, secure and cost-effective way to initiate support and raise much-needed funds. This money will help us reach and improve the lives of people living in poverty with a disability. It's also a great way to raise awareness of issues of poverty and disability and CBM as an organisation, as our fundraisers also carry details for all the different ways we can support people.
How do I recognise a genuine CBM South Africa fundraiser?
Our fundraisers wear CBM-branded t-shirts and carry a CBM identification photo-card. They'll also be carrying information about CBM’s work, such as brochures and direct debit forms. Our fundraisers will only ever ask for a Direct Debit – they'll never ask for cash donations. If you have any queries about our fundraisers please contact us on 021 201 1197 and we can confirm if we are fundraising in your area.


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